Why WiseNature?

Our lives take many paths...

These may consist of career, relationship, children.

They may include significant way-points marked by achievement, by love, by happiness, by sadness, by grief.

We may also experience slipping into negative habits of thought, of feeling and of behaviour as we meet obstacles and diversions that make us wonder how vulnerable we are to life going wrong.

We may experience an ever-deepening sense of inner conflict and our lived reality may clash head-on with deep and profound values that have been crushed by conforming to expectations and demands that others, and ourselves, have put on us and that we now realise have been a part of our life for too long!

Our own path invariably challenges us... remain fully aware of ourselves, of how life impacts on us and how we impact on life.

I developed WiseNature Coaching... over the 30+ years I have been a Counsellor and Therapist I have become aware that some people (including some of my clients) may benefit from a more coaching-oriented approach to self development.

As healing progresses clients begin to ask of themselves, and of me, "what next?" especially when psycho-emotional healing is keenly felt to be inseparable from our ecological, environmental and natural home on our planet.

There is a need to enquire deeply into oneself and the very nature of existence, to further explore the inner regions of awareness, of personal values and beliefs, and of action.

This is sometimes tinged with a need for meaning and purpose, and often has an existential and for some a "spiritual" edge.

It is at this critical point that we ask what it means to be fully human as we face global challenges and begin to question how we may find our own way to respond with full awareness of ourselves in this earth context and with attunement to our own natural selves.

...This might be you...?

WiseNature Coaching...

...has grown from 40+ years of study that includes the study of Therapy and Eco-psychology, of Buddhism, of Classical Chinese philosophy, and my own experiences both personally and when working with clients professionally.

WiseNature Coaching is informed by Daoist and Stoic philosophy, by  Person-Centred and Humanistic approaches to understanding, by Positive Psychology and Eco-Psychology. It is a form of self development aimed at helping you to increase functioning self awareness within the deep context of  love for the Earth, and beyond.

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