WiseNature Coaching

WiseNature Coaching aims at releasing your natural intelligence from the traps of conditioning and to live in deep connection with our natural world.

The aim is to identify, reveal and enact your own WiseNature.

You remain responsible for how you then make decisions and take actions to live your life more in accordance with those positive personal values that underpin your wise, natural intelligence.

As your WiseNature Coach...

... I will help you to discover how to live fully in the present.

In dialogue and in silence, meeting within a quiet room or out in natural settings, this eco-integrative approach is a unique combination of deep listening and engagement with your own natural awareness: your own WiseNature!

WiseNature Coaching consists of two stages:

The first stage...

...aims to help you to identify the particular habitual responses that you have developed and that hinder your direct experience of life; those patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that keep you trapped in limited awareness and which also conflict with deep, yet often buried, personal values.

During this first stage of WiseNature Coaching we will examine these parts of your life in detail - which includes working together to conduct an assessment, a form of life review.

In the second stage...

... of WiseNature Coaching I guide you, using insights and techniques from this eco-integrative approach, to experiment with new ways of seeing, of understanding, of being and of loving. To attain attunement requires a deeply imaginative and embodied engagement of the feminine and masculine principles, the yin and the yang, at every level of life, including the relational and political, the ecological and universal. Attunement to WiseNature usually involves meditation and physical exercises, and is activated by compassion practice for oneself, for others and for our world. 

Healing our disconnection with Earth has to be the radical personal and collective revolution that our world needs. Our deepest sense of self and our profoundest experience of our well-being is intimately discovered when we realise our inter-dependence with all life. At the very core of this realisation and way of being is love: for the planet and our universe. In this sense we can discover that we are "cosmic" and as one person of over seven billion, this is the difference that you can make!

WiseNature Coaching... based in Tregaron, Ceredigion, mid-west Wales.

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.

To book an assessment for WiseNature Coaching please send me a message via the Contact page with "WiseNature Coaching" as the subject header.

IMPORTANT: WiseNature Coaching is NOT suitable for individuals needing therapy, for trauma recovery or to remediate issues connected with abuse, or for help with addiction, or if you are experiencing enduring mental health issues. For such needs I recommend counselling or psychotherapy.

For my counselling, supervision or consultancy please email me at:  with "Counselling", "Supervision" or "Consultancy" as the subject header.